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Drilling past Stage 1 and on to Stage 2

Back in August 2019 we began pursuing the idea of drilling bore holes to primarily benefit our brethren in Zimbabwe who were in an endless cycle of begging for food due to lack of water for irrigation, but also benefiting those who reside in the same villages.  After consulting with several from non-profits who had knowledge of bore hole drilling in Zimbabwe and consulting with local professionals / contractors we began to obtain quotes back in August 2019, The first bore hole process was officially begun with the 50% down payment being made on 12-23-19 and was officially completed with water being supplied from the bore hole on 1-27-20.  

When the job was quoted it was estimated to cost $7,400 plus $80 for each additional meter beyond 40 meters drilled.  A total of 58 meters were drilled so our total estimated cost should have been $8,840, but Warren negotiated $65 per additional meter drilled.  Our total cost for the project completion was $8,660 with everything included. Here is the breakdown of what was spent in Dollars (receipts attached in Rands with exchange rate of ~14.50 per US Dollar):

Pipes, supplies, pump = $466.93

Site Survey = $534.47

Drilling = $748.28

Drilling Casing = $1,827.92

Extra 18 meters = $1,170.76

Pump Installation = $1,046.90 

Solar Panels = $576.59

Tank = $543.45

Casing Tap = $89.66

Meter Fittings = $1,517.24

Installation = $137.80

It appears that we came in under budget by $180, however we are wise to continue budgeting $10,000 per bore hole as the additional meters needed will vary from hole to hole.

I will be asking Warren to obtain quotes for fencing the land planned for growing the crops so we can determine what that will require financially.  I am hoping the people would be able to build the fence if given the supplies, however I suggest we rely heavily on Warren's recommendations as he knows the terrain and the capabilities of the residents there in each village.

Stage 1 has been completed, except for the potential fencing proposed, however the fencing will not become truly necessary until there are crops to protect, so we have some time to decide and accomplish this if determined to be feasible.  

Warren recommended we proceed with the remaining bore holes in two stages:

Stage 2 would include three bore holes and the average projected timeline from drilling the bore holes to water being pumped would likely be six weeks for all three since they will be grouped together by geographic location.  If we are able to fully fund the $30,000 needed for this soon then this could likely be finished by the end of March 2020. We currently have enough in the charity to fund $20,000 but another $50,000 is expected to be received soon.

Stage 3 would include four bore holes and the average timeline would again be around six weeks due to grouping geographically.  Warren would like to drill two additional bore holes during Stage 3 that were not in the original eight total planned for the entire project.  He believes this would provide better coverage for each of the congregations of Christians there. We would need to raise an additional $20,000 to cover these additional bore holes.

Once Warren has received the funding for Stage 2 they will begin clearing the roads immediately in preparation for the drilling crews who would be scheduled to come.

Once we have funds to proceed with Stage 2, I plan to wire the funds to Warren so he can begin. 

If you would like to contribute to the work being done by Lifestream Charities Inc. please go to our website at and click on the DONATE button at the top right side of the screen or you can mail checks to:

Lifestream Charities Inc.

c/o Steven Estes 506 Sage Court Highland Village, TX 75077

All contributors will receive a receipt attesting to the tax-deductible status granted to our charity as a 501(c)(3) organization. If you need a copy of our letter of determination from the U.S. Government, please let us know and we will be glad to provide it on request.

If you have any questions about the project check out the blog on our website for more details and periodic updates, or you can contact me directly at:

Steven Estes

972-998-1548 (cell)

Thanks for your support and, most importantly, your prayers that God will grant us success in providing access to the water these people so desperately need.



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