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First Village with Well to Water Crops is Fed with Enough to Share

A message from Warren Scholtz:

Dear Steven

Good to hear from you , hope you and the family are doing well .

Firstly the well in the village we first drilled is working for us , we have managed to feed that congregation and have helped a bit with another near by, this is a great project and is proving to be a better solution going forward. We have already planted in the field at the well sight last month and plants are up past ankle height, and we now have the back up to keep watering if rains are not regular. With the first planting and setting up we had some teething problems, but this next crop will be more stream lined and we anticipate a better production.

I only have been able to get back into Zimbabwe the first time last week, I have set up a meeting with the well drilling company for my next trip on the 18th, they are not allowed to work yet due to their lock down rules, but the idea is to just catch up with them and update the planning we did before lock down so as soon as they are able to work we can get going on the next wells.

I will certainly keep you updated as soon as we start and take all the pictures we need.

Please send our love to all.

In him we serve,


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