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Huge step forward with completion of Phase 2!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Dear Contributors & Supporters, Good morning! As you may remember from the last update provided in June 2021, after the first well was successfully accomplished, the plan was to continue with drilling 5 additional bore holes as planned pre-COVID to complete Phase 2 of the project. Now that COVID restrictions have lessened there, Warren has managed the process of drilling all five additional boreholes to complete Phase 2. Here are the results:

  • Three holes have produced enough water to install the tanks and pumps as planned and will be sufficient for help on the crops for the brethren.

  • One hole has water but not enough to irrigate the two acres of land as planned. Warren has suggested the village in that area to cut the field size down and grow a mixed crop of vegetables like cabbage and spinach. Warren said, "It's not first prize but a very good second price crop that can be shared."

  • Unfortunately the fifth hole has such little water that it is not worth investing in pumps and the tank. Warren made the judgement to drill a bit deeper as the geologist recommended he go another 20 meters but ultimately it was still unproductive. Warren said, "It’s a hard pill to swallow but, we live in a very arid land."

The current challenge now is the supply chain shortage similar to what the entire world seems to be experiencing. Obtaining the tanks and water pumping equipment will be difficult, however Warren is not deterred as he is pushing to find other suppliers for those items to complete the four wells that were productive. Many of you have offered to provide additional contributions when necessary. Once we receive all the final invoices for the work achieved, we will re-evaluate our position relative to the need and keep you informed. Warren said specifically, "Thank you again for this help. The brethren are so excited. There is such a good atmosphere in the whole village. It is a privilege to be involved in this good work. Please send our love to all the brethren."

If you're like me, it's tough not to get a little emotional inside when you hear of the joy our brethren are experiencing at the prospect of eating food they have grown in their newly irrigated fields.

Please pray to God and offer thanks for the provisions He has made! Thank you for your incredibly generous support of the ongoing efforts to complete these drilling projects. May God be glorified in all that is done. ​Kind regards, Steven Estes

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