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One Step, Standstill, One Step, Standstill

Good morning,

The Geologist has completed his work for the next two wells to be drilled for Phase 2 as planned and has a high confidence level that water will be found at both sites. There is never a guarantee about the volume the wells will eventually produce, but the formations and surface structures look promising according to the Geologist.

There has been a setback with regard to a 3rd wave of COVID infections in that region of the world. The government of Zimbabwe has enforced a lockdown again which has closed the border. Arrangements have been made for the drilling rigs be onsite as soon as the lockdown order is rescinded. It seems that we are taking one step at a time, with long pauses between each step, but we are committed to continuing these efforts and extremely thankful for your support.

Please continue to pray for these efforts to be successful.

With much gratitude,

Steven Estes

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