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Introducing the Water Well Project

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Many communities in the southern countries of South Africa suffer from an inability to provide food for themselves. There are many charitable people around the world bringing in food to help sustain these people's lives. We see an opportunity to provide a way for communities in the area to sustain life for themselves and build a better future.

One key issue these people face is a lack of water to bring crops to harvest. Rain is in very short-supply. However, many of these communities are living above natural fresh-water springs that would be significantly helpful to these people if they could access it.

Introducing, The Water Well Project.

Our goal is to drill bore holes providing access to these natural fresh-water springs. Once the flow rate has been verified to be sufficient to irrigate crops, we will equip them with pumps and holding tanks. This will allow for the villagers to draw the spring water up from beneath the surface (approximately 45-70 meters under ground) ell access, we can provide reservoir tanks and pumps to ensure water supply at all times. By completing this project, we can help these communities build a sustainable lifestyle that is far above where they are now.

The first phase of the project is to drill eight bore holes serving five village communities. We believe each bore hole will sufficiently water a three acre plot of land to bring crops to harvest. The food harvested from those plots of land will be sufficient for the community to be fed with some left over to share with surrounding communities. Each bore hole is accomplished one at a time, so we can learn from each one and make the next one more efficient and predictable. There is no guarantee that a bore hole will produce enough water flow to be useful, so each has its own inherent risk.

We have calculated that each bore hole that produces water flow rates sufficient for irrigation will cost approximately $10,000 each. The Directors and Board Members know it has required donations from various organizations and individuals estimated at over $50,000 per year or more to feed these same communities in the past. The return on the investment is incredibly good. Once the bore holes are producing water then those organizations and individuals will be relieved to use their generosity to satisfy other unmet needs around the world.

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