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Stage 2 Funded

Stage 2 will include three bore holes and the average projected timeline from drilling the bore holes to water being pumped would likely be six weeks for all three since they will be grouped together by geographic location.  We were able to fully fund the $30,000 needed for Stage 2 to be brought to completion, so the process has begun. Yay!!! We never start a project without all the funds anticipated to bring it to completion. We will provide updates as we have them from Zimbabwe. Our hope is that these bore holes will be completed by mid-April at the latest when accounting for unforeseen delays.

Stage 3 will include five bore holes which will require approximately $50,000 to complete. We currently have $41,488 in the charitable fund for Stage 3 so we are $8,512 short as of February 15, 2020. Please help us spread the word and share information about this project with others through social media or word-of-mouth.

Thank you for your support! This would not be possible without your donations.


Steven Estes

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