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Stage 2 Modified to Include 2 Wells from Stage 3

After receiving the following request from Warren Scholtz, our Project Manager there in Zimbabwe, we modified Stage 2 to include five wells instead of the original three. Stage 3 will now consist of four wells.

From Warren Scholtz:

",...the idea was to progress with the boreholes in stages. A) Stage two 3 new wells, and B) stage three would be 4 new holes.

I have a slight variation I would like you to consider, if funds are available, I am suggesting we drill 2 of the wells that I proposed in stage 3 now, in other words instead of drilling the 3 as planned we will drill 5. This is my reasoning:

We are ready to drill the three holes as I related to you in my last mail. The rig should be on site this week as planned, the other two holes that I would like to bring forward into this stage are only about 60 miles away, the contractor has shown me a new road which cuts off at least 30 miles, so he will already be in the vicinity.

The contractor has also indicated to me that he only has this week available to help me, as he has a big contract in Harare which is the capital of Zimbabwe 400 miles away, and will be there for the next 3 months.

He has agreed to work even into the weekend to complete all 5 wells, if we decide to go ahead.

The brethren will be able to water the crops already growing, to make sure we get a harvest this year, we have not had the follow up rains yet and the well could be just what we need to get at least these extra brethren through.

With the corona virus hitting all of us, this will also provide at least clean water for our brethren to maintain hygiene and washing of hands in the villages.

I do understand this can only happen if funds permit.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Keep safe brothers as we face these trying times.

Please send our love to all.

In Him,

Warren Scholtz

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