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Zimbabwe Border Closed - COVID19


"I am a bit embarrassed to inform you that the whole well plan has come to a grinding halt as the corona virus has forced a locked down, and all borders shut, I was forced to leave Zimbabwe and get back home before total shut down today. I know I can’t control everything but was really hoping to get these wells done before authorities decided to lock down. I thought they would at least give a few days to warn us, so it has dampened my spirit a bit as I don’t want to let you and all our sponsors down. The rig is on the first site. The good news is he has agreed to park his rig there and once the lock down is lifted, he will still do our wells first before he moves on to his new contract in Harare. Also to protect our funds for the wells, I did not make any payments so the funds in cash are safe and ready once our lock down is lifted. Please pray for us all and especially for follow up rains in Zimbabwe. We are certainly praying for all our brethren in the world. In Christ we serve, Warren"

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