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Final Phase Update: It's good news!

Warren Scholtz made a trip up to Zimbabwe last week and they managed to get started on the final phase of the project. I am happy to report that with your help we have drilled five of the nine holes planned, and more importantly all five holes have water. All the water flow tests were more or less the same as the existing holes with one being almost a 1000 liters per hour better.

All went well; however, the drilling rig has suffered a small breakdown on the hydraulic hose. The drilling company has ordered the part, so once installed and tested, they will move on to do the last four holes.

Thank you again to all who have helped in this! Everyone involved and the recipients of your generosity are all excited and on a high right now. Warren is in the process of ordering the pumps and pipes now, so the water can be accessed and used as soon as possible.

With much love and appreciation from the Lifestream Charities Team!

Drilling Rig Arrival Onsite

Water strike during the drilling process

Drilling process

Well project samples taken during the drilling process

Water Flow Testing

Drilling Crew

Drilling Rig and Pipe

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