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Q2 2023 Update: Zimbabwe Drilling Completed!

Contributors & Supporters, You answered the call for help and our brethren are rejoicing!!! Below are excerpts from an update from Warren Scholtz on the status of the final phase of the well drilling project in Zimbabwe. In addition you will find some pictures and one video attached. I have now completed the balance of the last wells in Zimbabwe (the last four) and all went according to plan and we had no breakdowns or stoppages. Two of the wells produced once again very similar water flow as the existing wells, so our brethren now have double the water to irrigate. One well which was in the driest part of the area produced ten times the flow of the existing hole (3,500 gallons per hour). What a blessing! The last well was our worst and produced not even half of what the existing well is producing but at least we found water on all four sites. I just wanted to say what an epic journey I have experienced with this project and all its ups and downs. The long days and anticipation watching that rig drill, praying hard alone some days, and with all the brethren on others. It has truly been a highlight in my preaching journey. I thank all the Lifestream Stream donors for the love and hard work raising the funds and for getting this project up and running. I cannot begin to explain how this has already changed and (will only get better in time) our brethren’s ability to plant and have water to see their crops raised. I really do hope you will be able one day to travel with me to Zimbabwe and see how this has changed brethren’s lives. Tears and just shouting for joy once water is hit is not uncommon and our brethren have all asked me to please try put into words “as they cannot” how thankful they are for what you have done .Thank you, thank you so very much from all our brethren and from me. You have given them back their dignity and spirit of life. They are ready now and it will only get better as basic food needs will now be available and the feeling of being able to look after their children and family without a hand out is such a blessing. Our GOD is good and it is a blessing to be in your love and fellowship. From my side, it will also take the load of trying to raise funds and explain situations to our brethren and also to find a source of maize, collecting it, and delivering it to the bush. Although I do it with love and joy, it is a big responsibility and challenge so thank you again. Our next thing is to set up the new pumps and solar panels on these new holes. I have already ordered the parts for the first five new holes, and now that we know the water yield and depth of the last four holes I can order the balance, so we are ready for planting in the summer. Once again thank you so very much for all you have done, your love and commitment throughout and your trust in me. In Christian love Warren Scholtz With much gratitude! Steven (on behalf of the board of directors for Lifestream Charities Inc.)

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