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Boring holes through Challenges in India

New Projects (Kakinada, India)

Contributors and supporters of Lifestream Charities were made aware of projects to support the essential needs of Christians in India.  A brother in Christ, Ryan Matney, from Hickory Creek, Texas made a two-week visit to India and met with many brethren there.  We were grateful for the first-hand accounts provided by Ryan regarding these specific needs:

  • Water well for use by a congregation of Christian lepers who live in a compound.  You read that right,...a whole congregation of approximately 300 lepers who have converted to Christ live together. These brethren have no access to clean water and are literally drinking and bathing from the sewer and runoff from the upper caste area.  The total cost for drilling and outfitting the well would be ~$3,500 USD.

  • Meeting structures to assist four congregations with what would locally be called "Prayer sheds".  Two would be constructed for use by Christians in the town area, and two would be constructed for use by Christians in tribal areas. Hindu nationalism has brought severe persecution for Christians there, so finding places to rent to meet has become an issue as the local laws are restricting the rights of private owners to rent to non-Hindus.  The total cost for these four congregational church buildings would be ~$19,000 USD.

There are many preachers in this part of India who are doing the good work sharing the gospel to receptive hearts.  The response to the gospel has been amazing!

The need was supplied in 10 days by the supporters of Lifestream Charities. It was absolutely amazing to see the generosity of each one who was able to support this effort.

Please contact me directly with any questions you may have or for further details. It is a blessing to work alongside you in this effort.

With much gratitude!


(on behalf of the board of directors for Lifestream Charities Inc.)

Steven Estes

972-998-1548 (cell)

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